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Thoughts on IMPACT Wrestling: August 4th 2011

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Thought I'd give my quick thoughts on this weeks edition of IMPACT Wrestling as we lead in to Hardcore Justice tonight. A word of warning to my UK readers though, this episode dosen't air in the UK and Ireland until Tuesday night, at 10pm on Challenge. If you haven't watched early then I recommend you give this a miss until Tuesday Night or Wednesday morning, otherwise click "Read More" to proceed.

By and large this weeks show didn't further many of the ongoing storyline's, instead it was more like the final sell, one big advert for this Sunday's Hardcore Justice and I'm sure that's exactly what IMPACT Wrestling Creative were attempting to achieve. They have a headline bout that everyone wants to see on Sunday, some interesting potential plotlines and outcomes and a very solid undercard, I for one am very excited about this event.

I like the Inter-Immortal strife as let's face it, in reality ego's like that just cannot co-exist. However I'm interested to see where this leaves Mr. Anderson. I always thought he was better as a heel though right now I simply yearn for the return of that rebel without a cause Anderson that we saw being a thorn in Eric Bischoff's side in January. Anderson is a tweener if ever there was one and that's the way it should be.

It was great to finally see Madison Rayne back on TV where she belongs. I must admit I never thought much of Madison when she was in the Beautiful People, but I've come to adore the character since her move to a self absorbed solo star. Mickie vs. Madison at No Surrender please TNA!

The writing team sure had me convinced that "The Pope" was going to affect the outcome of AJ vs. Devon, so it was a nice swerve ending. However the fact that Devon pinned TNA's franchise player annoyed me greatly. I'm sure Devon is a real nice guy but I have very little interest in his character currently and this whole story with Pope has been very vague and uninteresting, both men deserve better.

Joe finally reaching breaking point was the highlight of the show to me and I have a feeling his post-match rant to the people who are supposedly holding him back will go down as very important come a few weeks time. Joe will be involved at BFG in a big way, mark my words.

Anyone else think the Beer Money "Injuries" at the hands of Mexican America are a setup for a title switch at Hardcore Justice? Me too, would much rather it be Doug Williams and Magnus getting the honours though.

Said it last week and I'll say it again, Austin Aries is one talented guy, my money is on him winning Sunday via unscrupulous means and beginning the era of Austin....I mean Aries.

Good to finally see RVD back in the Main Event where he belongs. The tag match pitting RVD and Crimson vs. Steiner and Gunner was tremendous and I really loved the sports style post match interview at ringside. My mouth waters at the prospect of Crimson vs. RVD but surely, surely they can't end Crimson's streak yet...but also surely, surely they can't put Crimson over a huge name like RVD? This match will be interesting, no matter the outcome.

The contract signing was a nice touch and I'm a sucker for the whole face "mutual respect, but when the bell rings your dead" speeches, so I ate this one up! Great show ender, cannot wait for Hardcore Justice tonight, Enjoy!

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