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Thoughts on IMPACT Wrestling: July 26th 2011

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  • Opening promo saw Sting gave his first address following his World Title win, joined by Kurt Angle who promised to win at Hardcore Justice and Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson set-up a tag match between the four for tonight's main event.
  • Rob Van Dam d. Scott Steiner via Schoolboy Roll-up, to gain 7 points in the Bound For Glory Series
  • Mickie James called out Velvet Sky and offered her a Knockouts Title match on the show. However she reminded Velvet she intends to win it. Winter interrupted to inform that it matters not which one of them wins, they'll be losing to her at Hardcore Justice.
  • Tara & Ms. Tessmacher d. Rosita & Sarita to win the Knockouts Tag-Team Titles
  • Matt Morgan d. AJ Stlyes, Gunner & Samoa Joe in a Four Way Ladder Match to gain 10 points in the Bound For Glory Series.
  • Brian Kendrick d. Alex Shelley via unseen interference from Austin Aries to retain the X-Division Championship.
  • Beer Money confronted Mexican America ahead of their Tag-Title bout at Hardcore Justice
  • Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky ended in a no contest following an attack by ODB and Jackie who were subsequently arrested and removed from the IMPACT Zone.
  • Sting & Kurt Angle d. Mr. Anderson & Bully Ray
  • Sting and Kurt shared a tense handshake before Kurt pulled Sting face to face. Sting asked "Did i go too far? Or not far enough?" as the show came to a close.

Kudos to IMPACT Wrestling's Simon Edwards, who put together a stunning opening video to this weeks show, great stuff. We opened this week, predictably with a promo. But it happened to be the Stinger, so I was particularly happy with that. I personally love Sting's new persona. I know there's many out there that can do nothing but cringe at Sting's Heath Ledger-esque Joker impersonation, but I guess it's a result of seeing a guy who's established himself and his character in a particular way, suddenly act very differently than were all used to. But I'm assuming that that's exactly what the creative team at IMPACT Wrestling want! Besides, the commentators and Sting's actions have dropped occasional hints that his "insanity" is nothing more than a scare tactic he's deploying to get to Hulk Hogan.

Can someone explain to me though why Kurt Angle was wearing the evil clown gear for a week? :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal exchanges between, Anderson, Ray, Sting and Angle. All of them are stellar talkers and arguably the best stick men in IMPACT Wrestling. Their match however was hardly a classic, and really could have done with more time. I loved the ending and the constant tease that Sting and Angle were going to have trouble working together, when in fact it appears the egos of Anderson and Ray are incompatible. Interested to see where they go with this next week.

Props tonight also go to Mickie James and Velvet, for a great segment leading to their title bout. I sincerely hope they find a way to drag this angle out until Bound For Glory, as this is thee Knockouts money match and deserves to be on the big stage.

The match of the night for me was the four way ladder match. Four big names in AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe and Gunner, a great gimmick match and, in my opinion at least, an unexpected winner in Matt Morgan. I must admit to being sceptical initially to the Bound For Glory series, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the bouts so far and it really does build intrigue and provide added importance to what would normally be percieved simply as "just another match" on IMPACT Wrestling.

Overall a solid show from top to bottom tonight, IMPACT Wrestling seem to have found a formula for success and are sticking to it, though they could do with letting the main event go longer and perhaps open with a match rather than a promo every other week to make it feel fresher.

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