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Who are "THEY"?

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“They” are coming….apparently. But they didn’t come last week as we all expected. The ECW alumni led by Tommy Dreamer and a returning Mick Foley were widely believed to be the “They” that Abyss has been referring to, in attacking Abyss the ECW crew confirmed that this was not the case… the question remains WHO ARE THEY?

Well I have some thoughts on who they are, and decided it would be fun to do a little brain storming and get some of your ideas as-well...

First off the bat, as i’ve been thinking all along, the Sting and Abyss storylines could be intertwined. Sting had been warning Dixie for months about Hogan and Bischoff and how everything around TNA was not as it seems, black was white and white was black, everyone assumed Sting to be a menacing heel – just like in 96 – he was being seen as the antagonist.

What are Hogan and Bischoff’s intentions? My immediate thoughts spring those infamous letters nWo! Abyss’s promo prior to Victory Road showed images of Scott Steiner on screen when he was discussing “They”, we all know the history between Sting and Hogan and the nWo and look at the main players of the nWo they are all either under contract to TNA or are free agents:

New World Order (Under different guise as NWO is a TM of WWE)

With TNA: Hulk Hogan , Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash

Free Agents: Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell

And you could even include Jeff Jarrett in there following his stint with the nWo incarnation in 2000 and it would explain why he has been siding with Hogan and Bischoff. But there’s one major flaw here, if that was the case and Abyss was under orders from an incoming nWo WHY WOULD HE LAY HANDS ON HULK?? Why would he force the hall of fame ring down his throat? Unless it was all a work/swerve or Hogan has no part in it, but rather its a Hall/Nash/Waltman led invasion….which leads me to my second theory……the Kliq!

The Kliq

With TNA: Kevin Nash

Free Agents: Sean Waltman, Scott Hall

Unknown Quantity: Shawn Michaels

Now there are two obvious snags to the Kliq theory. Namely Triple H is under contract to WWE and going nowhere fast and Shawn Michaels is still under contract, though no longer involved in an onscreen capacity. However Michaels contract couldn’t have long left, we don’t know how long this storyline would play out, never say never right?? Though considering Michaels’ loyalties to McMahon i couldn’t see this happening but hey, we’re just brainstorming. With the Kliq a no-goer what about one of their known spin-offs: Degeneration X!!


Free Agents: Sean Waltman, BG James / Road Dogg, Kip James / Billy Gunn, Joanie Laurer / Chyna

The majority of the group is there and available and all have a past history with TNA. However without the two main faces of the organisation in HHH and Michaels would the audience take it as a legitimate invasion by DX. There is always the prospect of replacing those two with Kliq cohorts Nash and Hall, which would be a cool setup and act as a nice nostalgia act, but lets face it this is 2010 is this really what the fans want??

There’s another theory, so simple in its brilliance – WWE. We tend to forget that the nWo WAS WWF under a different guise to WCW fans in 1996 and that was the intention. This was two members of that company up north invading the rival show looking for a fight and who better to lead them that the biggest face of that companies history Hulk Hogan!! Could we do the same in 2010?? It’s certainly a tantalizing prospect but this isn’t 1996, WWE talents are locked under pretty restrictive contracts, there’s no courting Lex Luger’s, Nash’s or Hall’s but rather signing free agents following their 90-Day no compete clauses have expired. So given those parameter’s who’s available to lead this invading group:


Free Agents: Batista, Gregory “Hurricane” Helms, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Bryan Danielson, Jimmy Yang, Torrie Wilson, Mickie James

A decent group of wrestlers i’m sure you’d agree and all still young with plenty of potential to offer, but with the exception of Batista is there any that would really cause that “Wow!” factor? Not really. And there’s also the clear indications from Dave Batista recently that TNA were unable to meet his contractual demands.

But how about this for a scenario, an invading group of Benjamin, Haas & Danielson, three superb wrestlers and ultimately in a huge swerve in their confrontation with the TNA select – Kurt Angle emerges as their leader? That would be a pretty sweet scenario in my book.

But there’s one last theory i’d like to share with you that would be extremely intriguing –Ring Of Honor! TNA and ROH have had their differences in the past but TNA allows its performers to work their shows, and ROH has been a breeding ground for TNA talent ala Samoa Joe. How about former Director of Authority Jim Cornette leads and invading ROH contingent into TNA for all out war and revenge. The first big surprise is the return of Christopher Daniels to TNA but on the side of ROH.

With Daniels as the face of the group the lines are drawn and battle set to commence in a Full Metal Mayhem / War Games style event. With TNA’s last entrant, one Samoa Joe emerging from the locker room but shockingly siding with his old friends at ROH and sealing them the victory! I’d be pretty pumped with that scenario!

So, i want to hear your theories, who do you think THEY? are, who / what would you like to see? Drop them in the comments box below or drop me a line at

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