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TNA Victory Road 2010 Preview and Predictions

Photo: TNA Wrestling

We’ll guys this Friday sees the annual Victory Road Pay-Per View, well at least for those of us in the UK like myself who haven’t bothered to watch it on the net. Through a suggestion on twitter (thanks Si!) I decided to run a predictions thread for Victory Road and get some of your predictions aswell.

I’ve always liked Victory Road, why? Well it was the first ever “Monthly” three hour pay-per view for TNA and its had a history of featuring some of TNA’s best pay-per-view matches. Though there have also been some notably bad contests and embarrassing moments (Shantelle vs. Jenna anyone?).

Whilst last years offering wasn’t exactly epic, this one looks to live up to the hype with a stacked card, some very interesting and “first time ever” match-ups plus a real air of unpredictability aswell. Join me as I run down the card and give my thoughts and predictions for each match:

TNA X-Division Championship [Submission Match] - Douglas Williams (C) vs. Brian Kendrick: This one looks like a classic, two very talented performers and an interesting match stipulation. However, they’ve really been selling the whole, “Doug Williams is afraid of heights” element as we saw on this weeks past Impact! Saw I’d put my money on the plucky brit overcoming that fear tonight with a win via scaling the ultimate x ropes. With the submission stipulation added, a unique finish could be Kendrick submitting to Williams on the ultimate x ropes. Either way, Williams should retain here.

AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. Mystery Opponents: Shockingly the mystery opponents haven’t been leaked on the net, granted I’ve been avoiding the spoiler sites like a bad rash but up until yesterday evening I still hadn’t seen anything on the web so good news for TNA. Will it be Christopher Daniels? Generation Me? Who knows. But with both Styles & Kazarian competing for the attention of their mentor, Ric Flair, you can expect this team to fail and go on to feud between each other, hopefully we get another chance to see a great match between these two.

TNA Knockout's Championship [Title vs. Career] - Madison Rayne (C) vs. Angelina Love: Expect the “retirements” of the knockouts to end here, Angelina is under contract and much loved by the TNA brass, she will regain the championship. However its how she goes about this that’ll be interesting, we’ve heard rumours of Tara returning, could this be the night and will she get revenge on Madison by costing her the belt?

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez [Steel Cage Match]: On a night where most of the babyfaces are expected to win, a Morgan victory would make sense here. Morgan is a future contender for the World Title. And with RVD on top, and with TNA having more babyfaces than they know what to do with, look for Morgan to win here, end this feud, and then focus on someone else, hopefully someone in the upper mid card where the blueprint belongs.

TNA World Tag-Team Championship - Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money: It’s amazing that as long as the Guns have been tagging, they have never held the World Tag Team Title. That wrong will be corrected here, but don’t expect for them to hold it for too long. Should the Guns win it here, it’s most likely they’ll flip/flop with Beer Money at the next Pay-Per View.

Brother Devon vs. Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal [Triple Threat Match]: It’s the student vs. the teacher vs. the teacher. And with the two teachers disagreeing with how to discipline the student, with that in mind the most obvious route to go would be for the student to take advantage and sneak out with a victory, perhaps with some help from partner Shannon Moore. However I’d like to see the ultimate swerve and see Devon turn on Jesse and put his loyalties with Team 3D first.

Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal: I’m really looking forward to this one. The build for this has been amazing, the interchanges between the two hilarious, but will it deliver in the ring? Look for Flair to do his best to make Lethal look better than great as he has been doing with the young guys since the 80’s. And with the TNA brass very high on Lethal right now, the expectation is for Lethal to win here.

Kurt Angle vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero: Not a lot of build for this one, just an old school battle for the rankings match. But between two top guys in the biz right now. Should be a decent match but the premise of Angle walking away from the ring should he lose surely means he goes over.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Rob Van Dam (C) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss: OK the big kahuna, the World title bout. Well we can safely rule Hardy out due to his impending court case. I highly doubt Anderson’s ready for the strap just yet despite his uber – overness just now so surely this is down to RVD v Abyss.

Will the ECW originals get involved and hand Abyss the title? RVD is ECW alumni, could there be a swerve in the works?? Most likely it seems their building Abyss for an eventual feud with Hogan, pending successful backsurgery, and RVD really is the biggest name next to Hardy for TNA to put the strap on. With Kurt Angle trying to prove the he is the best, the run up the contender’s ladder will take him to the main event, and a main event match vs. RVD. RVD’s title reign is meant to bring some stability to the World Title, while setting up for bigger matches. Should TNA keep with that plan, I expect RVD to retain the title here.

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