Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mick Foley in talks with WWE about a possible return

Photo Courtesy IMPACT Wrestling

Mick Foley is reportedly in talks with WWE regarding a possible return. Foley supposedly attended this week's Smackdown taping in Philadelphia, PA. Foley was recently released by IMPACT Wrestling / TNA Entertainment following disagreements over creative direction.

The talk is NOT surrounding simply a WWE Legends contract, but rather there are supposedly plans on the table for a TV return, in what capacity however is still to be determined. Could Foley be revealed as the anonymous RAW general manager?

More on this as I get it, stay tuned...

*UPDATE 31/07/2011*: Whilst no formal contract has been signed with WWE at this point, Foley is apparently being lined up for a Good Will Amabassador role with WWE. Given his extensive charity work and name recognition, this would be a perfect slot for Mick at the company. Don't rule out an on screen return either.


  1. how could he be the anonymous GM when he was working for TNA while this angle was/is going on? makes 0 sense bud

  2. Jason, you have to remember though that A) TNA does not exist in the "WWE Universe" B) Vince McMahon does not pay attention to other promotions and this would not be of importance to him and C) The majority of the WWE's viewership is casual viewers, most of whom do not follow TNA.

    If you need further proof, read Mick Foley's autobiography's - he had to fight and convince Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn to let him use the "Cactus Jack" persona as they felt that as the character had never been on WWE programming noone would know who he is!! I'm not joking! Simply ludicrous. So I won't be surprised if he was to be revealed as the Anonymous GM.