Saturday, 30 April 2011

The DVD Ray-View: TNA Genesis 2011

I must say i was surprised to receive this DVD for review from the powers that be so quickly but was chomping at the bit to watch it again as my memories of TNA’s initial PPV offering of 2011 were very positive, and upon rewatching i know this wasn’t simply a post-Maximum iMPACT! tour high but was down to Genesis being one fantastic pay-per view!
Kicking things off Kazarian (representing Immortal & Fortune) took on fellow high flyer and risk-taker Jay Lethal in an entertaining and dangerous X Division Title scrap.
Next up the two best Knockouts in the Division (in my opinion anyway!) do battle for the prestigious Knockouts title and Mickie James and Madison Rayne didn’t disappoint with a great bout.
And speaking of the two best in division….are the two better tag-teams right now than Beer Money incorporated and the Motor City Machine Guns? I think not.
Anytime these two meet in the ring it is a special thing, throwing the TNA World Tag Team belts into the mix make that even more special, and having re-watched this, the DVD is worth it for this match alone folks!
From the two best tag-teams, up next its the most decorated tag team in wrestling (Team 3D). However they aren’t teaming folks, oh no, they continue their implosion as Brothers Ray and Devon battle throughout the arena and ringside area.
AJ Styles being genuinely injured at this point, led to Abyss taking his place against Television Champion Douglas Williams, and a surprisingly good match-up ensued!
The following encounter was shaded in secrecy and suspense from the get go, former TNA Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam was about to face a handpicked opponent by Immortal’s Eric Bischoff.
When it was stated that RVD was going to get Hardy, (of course TNA World Champ Jeff Hardy was off the card) we thought we knew what was coming, but what we got was his brother and former WWE superstar Matt Hardy complete with new dreads and new threads.
Whilst both men have faced each other before i felt the build to this match, not to mention the backdrop with RVD at odds with Immortal and seeking revenge on Matt’s brother Jeff took this match to a whole new level and it just had a big time feel about it.
Jeff Jarrett and the returning Kurt Angle put forth a vicious at times MMA challenge brawl next, the pair exchanging holds, moves, offensive and defensive holds. Angle even bladed to pump up the adrenaline.
The main event was designed to determine the number one contender for Jeff Hardy’s World Heavyweight Championship with Mr. Anderson (freshly recovered from his concussion thanks to an errant chairshot from Hardy) taking on Matt Morgan. These two had a fabulous match but it was probably the ending that will be of interest to most viewers, with an impromptu title match ensuing and Mr. Anderson seeing his World Title dreams come true, a very surprising and special moment in TNA history.
Overall the DVD is a superb watch and well worth the money, there’s even a few extras in there with a Before the Bell special, music video and photos from the event.
TNA Genesis 2011 is available from ShopTNA, aMerchandise and all good retailers.

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