Saturday, 17 September 2011

Spoilers - End of the line for Hulk Hogan in TNA?

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Just wanted to comment on a news/rumour piece that is currently being reported on the various new sites and add my two cents:

In an update on Hulk Hogan’s announcement at the final set of iMPACT! Wrestling tapings this week (the show will air on 9/29 in the USA), it was being portrayed as the end of the road for Hulk Hogan in TNA. This would obviously change all plans involving a Sting vs. Hogan match at Bound for Glory that they have spent months building up. Hogan being able to physically do a match has been questionable for some time following his recent set of back surgeries. Hogan was told he “absolutely can’t take any falls.” This comes the same week of news that Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s deals with TNA will be expiring in a few weeks in October.

From what I've heard though, Knoxville will NOT in fact be Hogan's last appearance. The latest is that in order to lighten the load on Hogan, his bout with Sting will be changed to a Tag-Team match, the other participants have yet to be confirmed but Jeff Hardy is one of the names that's been thrown out there. I've also been told that Hogan's TNA contract does expire in the fall but rather next July, so I don't see any of these changes affecting the Bound For Glory match - IT'S A WORK FOLKS!! Personally I see Hogan bowing out at Bound For Glory and sitting out his contract until July but in saying that, Hogan is being advertised for the post-Bound For Glory TV Taping in Macon, Ga:

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