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What happened @TNA Xplosion - July 27th 2011

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Ray Mullan reporting for This week on TNA Xplosion, the Xplosion Championship Challenge heats up as we reach the halfway point of the Quarter Finals. One half of the British Invasion, Magnus, goes face to face with Ink Inc's "Prince of Punk" Shannon Moore for a place in the Semi final, find out what went down and much more...

Before we kick off the action, let's take a look at where we are in the tournament bracket:

Xplosion Championship Challenge - Round 1:
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero d. Suicide
Crimson d. Robbie E
Devon d. Anarquia
Douglas Williams d. Amazing Red
Magnus d. Orlando Jordan
Alex Shelley d. Okada
Shannon Moore d. Jeremy Buck
Hernandez d. Max Buck

Xplosion Championship Challenge - Quarter Finals:
Alex Shelley d. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero
Magnus vs. Shannon Moore
Crimson vs. Devon
Douglas Williams vs. Hernandez

Xplosion Championship Challenge - Semi Finals:
Magnus or Shannon Moore vs. Crimson or Devon
Alex Shelley vs. Douglas Williams or Hernandez

Xplosion Championship Challenge - Final:

We open with the Xplosion promo video and "Welcome to the gun show" by In this Moment . We cut to crowd shots and we join JB and Taz at the announce both who take us through what's in store this evening, before sending it to SoCal Val for the introductions for our feature bout this week -

Match 1: Magnus vs. Shannon Moore
Lock-up to start. JB informs us that Magnus plans a ticker tape parade in his hometown of Kings Lynn, England should he win the Xplosion Championship challenge. Slam from Magnus, who showboats to the crowd. Duelling chants from the crowd tonight. Trade reversals before Moore trips Magnus, and gives him a boot to the gut. Drop kick from Moore, followed by another. Vicious elbow from Moore, springboards off the ropes only to be caught by the Mag Daddy. Reversal from Moore though who hits the bulldog. Covers, but only a two count.

Magnus rallies back with a clothesline, tagging with Douglas Williams has obviously taught him a thing or two. Locks on a headlock as Moore struggles to escape, but escape he does. Hits the ropes and attempts a cross body block, but is caught by Magnus who just drops him onto his knee like a sack of potatoes, that had to hurt! Cover from Magnus, but only a two count as we head to the break.

Back from the break as Magnus whips Moore into the post with authority. More show-boating from Magnus here, dangerous game he's playing. JB and Taz discussing that the winner of this one will face Crimson or Devon, in other words enjoy this victory because Crimson's gonna destroy lives folks! Abdominal stretch by Magnus, Moore escapes but eats a knee to the face from Magnus who's back in control. Attempts a cover but again only a two. Some frustration being show by Magnus here. Suplex and Magnus goes back to the well again with another pin attempt, but no dice. Bearhug from Magnus, wow I haven't seen that move deployed for a while. Shannon ducks a clothesline and connects with an excellent cross body block to the delight of the Impact Zone. Jumping leg lariat, Moore going up for his patented moonsault here, and hits it! Cover!

Magnus runs at Moore, who ducks and throws Magnus over the top to the outside! Magnus still on his feet as Moore signals he's going fly! Nice high flying maneuver from Moore! Throws Magnus back into the ring, Moore setting up a springboard here. But hold on just a minute here! Douglas Williams is coming to the ring and grabs Moore by the legs, taking him off the apron. He throws a dazed Shannon back into the ring, and Magnus capitalises with a Mag Daddy Driver for the three count! Magnus goes one step closer to that ticker tape parade. Winner: Magnus

Back to the studio and it’s time for the conclusion of the latest edition of the TNA Spin Cycle with Jeremy Borash. This week’s guests are Austin Aries, Tara, Magnus and Douglas Williams. They talk Destination X and their favourite parts. Tara reveals she is a huge fan of "Spanky" Brian Kendrick, and his win over Abyss made her super proud! Magnus reveals he is a huge fan of Jack Evans and loved the fact that he got to showcase his skills on the big stage. Douglas Williams cited Mark Haskins appearance against him as his favourite moment, he was pleased to see Mark get the deserved international exposure. Austin Aries' favourite moment should come as no surprise, choosing his IMPACT Wrestling contract win.

The panel then discuss their favourite fast food chains whilst on the road. Doug Williams goes with Wendy's, Tara chooses McDonalds, Magnus loves a bit of Chick Fillet but when he's in Canada or New York he goes with Tim Horton's. Austin Aries, of course a vegan went with Subway who apparently have a tremendous Veggie patty.

We get a promo video for Madison Rayne, hopefully a sign that they plan to plug her back into the Knockouts Title picture.

Next up, this week’s classic match of the week, from Hard Justice 2009 – Beer Money vs. The British Invasion for the IWGP Tag-Team titles. This was a real knock down, drag out affair that saw a resiliant British Invasion earn the victory following interference from Eric Young, in a recent interview with Magnus he cited this victory as one of the finest of his career, definately something you should lookup on youtube if your yet to see it.

Finally we close out the show with the IMPACT Wrestling Rewind as we take a look back at the Mr. Anderson & Bully Ray vs. Sting & Kurt Angle main event and the four way ladder match between Matt Morgan, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Gunner. This was a real thriller and in this writers opinion the best match of the night on this particular episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

Well folks that’s all for this week, join me next time as Crimson takes on Devon in the next quarter final matchup in the Xplosion Championship challenge. As ever, if you have any questions, comments or feedback concerning this report, feel free to drop me a line at or tweet me at @raymullan.

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