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Ray's 'Rasslin' Rankings: As of June 28th 2011

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The Top 10 and Tag-Team rankings are based on television and Pay-Per View win-loss records over the course of the month, quality of opposition, and inherent skill of each wrestler or team. All other rankings are based on the official current positions of challengers to the Top Title in each category (I.E. Should a wrestler win a number 1 contenders match, he will automatically be afforded that ranking regardless of current win-loss record).

The number in parentheses indicates a wrestler’s position in that category in the previous rankings report; (-) indicates that the wrestler was not rated in that category in the last report. (C) indicates the wrestler was champion in that category last report.

Ray’s ‘Rasslin’ Rankings – Period Ending June 28th 2011:

Has it really been a week already? Time sure fly’s when your having fun! What a week in wrestling this was, let’s recap and see how it affected the rankings!

Thursday saw IMPACT Wrestling and a whole new side to Sting. The Stinger looks like he spent every waking moment watching “Batman: The Dark Knight” because he has Heath Ledger’s whole Joker act down to a tee! I actually like this new out of his mind & out of control Sting but he needs to try and maintain focus on regaining the World title as it looks like that old schemer, Eazy E, will be spending the next three weeks throwing roadblocks in his way.

IMPACT Wrestling also saw the re-emergence of Matt Morgan, this weeks biggest mover in the IMPACT rankings. A superb tag-team win with Crimson over the not too shabby Beer Money, saw Morgan take the lead in the Bound For Glory series and jump two places in the 1Wrestling rankings. Considering the success in recent years of the likes of AJ Styles, John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam et al, some have said that the era of the dominant big man was pretty much over. However a quick glance at the rankings and some of the big men who are quickly ascending the rankings will tell you otherwise. Guys like Matt Morgan, Crimson and Ezekiel Jackson are all riding win streaks and look unstoppable at this point, many feel its simply a race to see who gets to the top first. As long as these guys are around, the era of the big man is not going to be over anytime soon!

Smackdown saw a crafty Christian hold onto the Number 1 contendership by the skin of his teeth, the lack of true main event competition on that brand the only reason he’s still in the mix. And what’s a guy gotta do to get a title shot these days? Sin Cara, still undefeated and not even getting a look in. I think it’s time to throw Cara into the big boys and see if he really can fly! And lastly has Wade Barrett’s plummeted or what? Losing two televised matches in one week to the still-green Jackson was a surprise to say the least.

It’s all change at Ring of Honor. Best in the World has gone down as one the promotions best cards to date. A wrestling purists dream, it also saw the World’s Greatest Tag-Team live up to the name and solidify their place atop the tag rankings for the second consecutive week and also a new champion crowned as Davey Richards realised his dream with a tremendously impressive victory over Eddie Edwards. Edwards gets the nod as Number 1 contender this week, given the moxy and fight shown by the champion I feel the least Richards could do is give him a rematch. Mike Bennett beware, Jay Lethal’s return with an impressive win means he’s knocking on your door at 10th spot!

The buzz this week though was over RAW out of Vegas and namely the actions of one CM Punk! Punk by name, Punk by nature – he let rip on WWE, Vince McMahon, Triple H and more in a worked/shoot tirade for the ages. Does anyone really believe he’s going to walk away with the championship? I feel i’ll either be penning this very column on July 18th with Punk atop the rankings or with the winner of Money in the Bank on the throne, one of those scenarios is going to play out I’m sure.

That’s all for this week folks, join me next week for a new look rankings report and the addition you’ve all been waiting for…yes ladies and gentlemen the Knockouts and Diva’s are coming!

As always, if you have any comments or questions pertaining to the rankings, feel free to drop me a line at raymullan@gmail.com or alternatively you can tweet me via @raymullan. Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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