Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Monday Night War 2.0 - A step backward for TNA Wrestling?

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Today I want to give my two cents on a subject that many of you have been divided on – TNA’s move to and subsequent retreat from Monday Nights.

Many feel TNA has simply admitted defeat by retreating and that they should have stayed the course and tried to ride the momentum of the Hogan signing a little longer. Don’t get me wrong at the time i marked out big time when i heard that TNA would go Head-to-Head with RAW, i was excited but lets face it it never should have happened.

Think about it, what did TNA have to gain except perhaps a slight increase in viewership? In the short and long term what would that really have accomplished? In reality the whole idea of a move to monday nights was flawed from the get go, and here’s why – First and foremost by going head to head with RAW the ratings and not the product would be the focus of comparison week in and week out and lets face it – that was never going to look pretty. They only thing that accomplished was making TNA look inferior.

Secondly is it wise to incite a war with a billionaire atop a corporate wrestling machine? Vince is likely already annoyed by TNA’s persistancy. And by doing so would expose a number of marketable young talents like AJ, Samoa Joe,The Pope D’Angelo Dinero et al. And lets face it, if McMahon wanted he could raid the TNA talent roster out of spite.

All in all I think the TNA move to Monday nights was a foolish move that was never going to work, the fact that TNA management caught on so quickly and reverted back to Thursdays is testament to their smarts. Staying put would have been the best move but it’s easy to say that with the benefit of hindsight, TNA has took a hit and worse possibly squandered some of the momentum from the Hogan arrival but Impact is back where it belongs, Impact will do just fine on Thursdays, it allows TNA to proceed at their own pace and build methodically and theres absolutely no reason to believe they can’t grow as a company simply because they aren’t on Monday Nights.

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