Saturday, 7 May 2011

20 Questions With...Robbie E

Photo: TNA Wrestling

Since the Velvet Sky Chat at Lockdown, has been hosting live chats with TNA Superstars almost weekly. Thursday night saw the turn of fist pumping Jersey Shore superstar Robbie E, and so i decided to tag along and field some questions to Mr. GTW himself. In doing so i thought that it might be a good idea to do this going forward at further chats and so a new section is born here on the site, welcome to “20 Questions With…”!

I should point out that Robbie answered his questions “in character” so i wouldn’t expect and “insider” or “shoot” style comments in these interviews, but as you’ll see they can see some fun and humorous responses! Enjoy.

How long have wanted to be in TNA & the wrestling business in general?

My whole life…TNA is the best company in the world…once your there…you made it bro

Where & who were you, before you were in TNA?

Bro, before TNA i was Robbie still, i have been my whole life!

Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?

I always liked the Ultimate Warrior

You’ve had a great run over the past year or so with TNA Wrestling, what’s been the highlight of your TNA career so far?

Highlight thus far has been seeing Cookie locked up in a shark cage…wait…i mean winning the X-Division Title!

And what’s been your favourite match so far?

Easy, the Ultimate X match.

Is there a “worst part” to being a wrestling superstar?

Being away from loved ones…even Robbie has a heart bro!

Who’s your favourite TNA Knockout, besides Cookie of course?

I love all the knockouts…but not as much as they love me bro!

C’mon, who’s the hottest Knockout?

Christy Hemme

Tells us, just WHAT is in that big handbag Cookie carries to the ring with her?

If i told you…i would have to kill you…

If you could main event Bound For Glory against just one wrestler, who would it be?

Against whoever the world champion is at the time.

Thought’s on Sting?

He’s one creepy bro!

Thoughts on Mr. Anderson?


Immortal or Fortune?

Fortune seems to have more power…

Who’s the biggest prankster in the TNA locker room?


I still cannot fathom that ShopTNA hasn’t got a single bit of Robbie E merchandise right now, any chance we’ll be seeing some merch in the near future?

Robbie merch is on the way hopefully, many have asked, they wanna wear a GTW shirt!

Any word of a Jakks action figure on the way? Would be cool if it came with “fist pump” action…

Hope to get an action figure soon broski!

How does Brian Hebner’s fist pump rate on a scale of 1-10?

Brian Hebner’s fist pump is pretty good i must admit…but nothing matches mine!

Have you a preferred name for your finisher yet? (Robbie had earlier asked the chatroom for suggestions for his finisher)

How about “The Grenade”?

If they made “Robbie E: The Movie”, who plays you?

Noone can play me, there’s only one!

Last but definately not least – You have a midget, a hammer and a roulette wheel, what’s your plans for the evening? :)

Dude that sounds like a regular night in for me and cooks!

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