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Booking the Immortal Angle - Part 2

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Ok, thought I’d treat you today with the final part in my “TNA UK books the Immortal Angle”. If you haven't read Part 1 yet, I recommend you head on over and read it by clicking here.

So when i left off, RVD was reeling from losing cleanly to a seemingly unbeatable Hardy. Anderson despite injuries continued to be a thorn in the side of Immortal but eventually a returning Sting manages to get Joe, Pope, Anderson and RVD to join forces finally leading them into battle with Immortal.

Final Resolution

I would have this build until Final Resolution, the Main Event being a Sting / Hardy showdown for the title. Once again though, Hardy would prevail. The question then being asked, Sting was supposed to be the hero – now what? Also on the card Jarrett would defeat Joe thanks to a Karen (Angle) Jarrett guitar shot. However his post match celebration would be cut short by a returning Angle who beats Jarrett into a bloody pulp and warns Immortal, he’s coming for the rest of them. Angle has nothing to lose, what can bischoff and Hogan do – fire him? He’s already fired.


Building towards Genesis we would have Sting attempt to convince AJ Styles of his worth to TNA, constantly questioning why he would align himself with Immortal, proping up a regime that dosen’t benefit him or his friends, spits on everything he stands for and ultimately props up an undeserving champion in Jeff Hardy. AJ would go on to be stuck between the “Responsibility and duty to TNA” mentality of Sting and the “End Justifies the Means” mentality of Hogan, and unsure which way to turn.

In an attempt to get AJ to defect Sting, brings back an old friend in Christopher Daniels, however Daniels attempts to sway AJ are unfruitful and lead to an all out match at TNA Genesis in January. AJ would prevail, however AJ would ultimately end the PPV at odds with Ric Flair and fellow Fourtune members following an unecessary post-match beatdown of Daniels.

Genesis would also finally see the showdown between Angle and Jarrett. Jarrett’s attempts at underhanded tactics ultimately fail and a double cross by Karen sees Jarrett beaten by Angle. Angle though gets revenge on Karen aswell, saying he wants nothing to do with her and used her only to get at Jarrett.

The big story at Genesis though would be Matt Hardy’s debut with the company. In the lead up to his Hardy’s debut he would have played up as a Face and seemingly be coming to save Jeff from the wayward ways of Hogan and Bischoff, but ultimately a swerve from Matt Hardy would cost The Pope the title match with Jeff and Genesis, the Hardy Boyz reunited at the PPV’s close.

Against All Odds

Against All Odds in February would see the return of the 8-Card Stud tournament to crown a number 1 contender at Lockdown. The Final would come down to a heated showdown between Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy, with Angle prevailing.

The PPV would also see AJ Styles losing the TV title to Mr. Anderson. This is met with criticism from Immortal, continuing the rift between the two. Sting continues to work on AJ who begins to start doubting his partnership with Immortal. This further increases when Jeff Hardy wins the TV title from Anderson on iMPACT!.

Destination X

Bouyed by their recent title success Immortal begins gunning for the rest of the titles. Kazarian wins the X-Division title in the Ultimate X match, and the Hardy Boys complete the set, winning the Tag-Titles from the Motor City Machine Guns in the Main Event.


Lockdown sees Sting, RVD, Pope, Anderson & Joe go up against Hogan, Abyss, Matt Hardy, Jarrett & AJ Styles in Lethal Lockdown. The big turning point comes as Styles finally snaps and turns on his Immortal comrades and costs them the match. A post-match brawl with Ric Flair also ensues.

The Main Event sees Angle v Hardy in the Cage for the World Title. Hardy defeating Angle with a swanton bomb from the cage.


The lead in to Sacrifice will be all about AJ. AJ finally seeing the light and joining sides with his mentor Sting, AJ will lead the fightback for TNA. Ric Flair, dismayed that AJ would betray him after he coached him all year would come out of retirement for a showcase match with AJ, mentor v protege, Legend v Legend Killer.

AJ would win clean. Standing over a fallen and bloodied Flair, Fourtune (Beer Money & Kazarian) would hit the ring, facing down AJ only to turn round and stand side by side with AJ, give Flair the fourtune sign and beat him up some more. Fourtune are back together, but their on the other side now.


This would all lead into Slammiversary, nobody being able to vanquish AJ, Hardy agrees to do it himself. Hardy v AJ for the title at Slammiversary will be built as the biggest match of the year. AJ would naturally win clean, take the title and be the Hero. The TNA locker room would empty, lifting AJ on their shoulders and celebrating the victory over Immortal.

However this would not entirely be the end of this story. Everything ultimately leads to Bound For Glory and the dream match of the century. TNA World Champion AJ Styles vs. “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan!! AJ putting up the title and Hogan putting up control of TNA. Now i know the deal with Hogan, i know he’s older but this is Hogan’s chance to go one more time, in a dream match that would truly be a spectacle and a real chance to pass the torch to the true face of TNA.

Naturally AJ would win and return control of TNA to Dixie Carter.

What about you guys? Want to you hear your storyline ideas as well as feedback on my own, drop me a line at or use the comments section below this article.

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